In 1948 Rover decided to launch an off-road car, similar to the famous American wartime vehicle Willys and called it Land Rover. The off-roader featured durable mechanisms, Spartan interior and proved to be a success. As some customers were ready to pay for more comfort, the Range Rover model was introduced in 1970. However, it was not before 1978 that Land Rover evolved into a separate brand. Hence, the logo used from 1948 was rather a model nameplate than the company’s emblem. It was a black oval plate with Land Rover inscription, the name of the assembly factory and the type of the vehicle, four wheel drive station wagon. This emblem remained in use through late 1980s, but model names appeared at the bottom side of it after the company was separated from Rover. The famous green logo dates back to 1989 as the black nameplate was finally replaced with a proper logo. It acquired a regular oval shape and all the inscriptions except for the company’s name were discontinued. The Z-shaped line, connecting Land and Rover words, turned into two small signs which are believed to reflect the company’s motto ‘Above and Beyond’.

Land Rover

Range Rover


Land Rover has launched Range Rover model in 1970 as a completely new brand. Since its introduction Range Rover is regarded as the pinnacle of 4x4 vehicles.

The new Range Rover launched in 2013 sets the standards both for luxury and off-road performance of 4x4 vehicles like its predecessors.

With the addition of Hybrid model Range Rover ensures sustainable growth of its market share.

Range Rover Sport spare part
Range Rover Sport spare part
Range Rover Sport

Launched in2005 in Geneva Motorshow, Range Rover Sports has surpassed all the expectations and created a real success story enriching the product line of Land Rover

The new Range Rover Sport launched in 2014 has an aliminium platform which is 400 kg lighter than its predecessor.

Range Rover Vogue spare part
Range Rover Vogue Headlight, Front Bumper
Land Rover Discovery Sport spare part
Land Rover Discovery Sport spare part
Discovery Sport


Discovery Sport represents the compact SUV line of Land Rover and follows its predecessors Freelander 1 and Freelander 2 since its launch in 2014.


Land Rover Discovery Bumper, headlamp, windshield
Land Rover Evoque spare part
Land Rover Evoque Ön Far komple, ön cam, ön tampon


The compact luxury cross-over model of Land Rover has been launched in 2011. It has been a real success with golbal sales of 88,000 units in its first year of production.

Land Rover Defender


The legendary Defender has been launched in 1948 as a challanger against american Jeep brands dominance in 4x4 market..

With its continious popularity it is the primary choice of national armies and multi purpose use of governments with its unsurpassed off-road performance as well as ordinary users who wish to reflect a different style in urban areas.

After 60 years of its launch, Defender has been reneved in 2007 with a new engine, look and gearbox. In 2016 April Land Rover has stopped production of Defender. Land Rover is expected to announce production of the new Defender soon.


Land Rover Discovery spare part

Discovery has been a real success since its launch in 1989.

Discovery 3 launched in 2004 has won globally a record of over 100 trophies which is impossible to match.

In 2007 Land Rover launched Discovery 4 which has extended seating capatity of 7 seaters and an extraordinary trunk space.

Discovery 5 has been launched in September 2016 for which the sales will start in 2017.